New start for musical Schwarzbueb planned!

In September 2007 the musical "Schwarzbueb" was to be performed. This date could not be kept however due to missing sponsor funds, although in preliminary discussions with important backers the financing of the musical seemed secured! 

The première has therefore been postponed! 


In the past years, the Kreisschule Gilgenberg has realized several 

Theatre projects, such as the musical "Black or White", which was well received far and wide. The idea to plan a bigger musical came from different sides. Students, parents, but also people from the field of culture asked whether it would not be possible to realize a play for which interested actors, singers and dancers from all over the Schwarzbubenland could be engaged. 


A libretto from the networking of the legends and legends of the Schwarzbuben-Land was born soon and will hopefully arouse the interest of all real and fake Schwarzbuben and Schwarzbuben girls. 


  Brief Description History


The musical Schwarzbueb tells the four legends of the name "Schwarzbubenland": smugglers with black faces, forbidden distillery, black cherries of the Roman general, protests against the lords of the castle. These legends are merged to a story, framed by the love story of the Schwarzbueben and the Schwarzbueben girl.


The musical takes place in the past centuries as well as in today's time. Past and present meet diagonally. Individual events from the history of the Schwarzbubenland and its population are interwoven as pictures and bridges to the framework history.


At the centre of the musical is the legend of smuggling. The love story of the Schwarzbueben and the Schwarzbueben girl is the red thread of history. The Schwarzbueb, a smuggler dreams of a Schwarzbueb girl. In the dream he hears her wonderful voice.


The Schwarzbuebmädchen is a singer at the open air of Nunningen in the present time. She loses her mobile phone on the same way the smugglers go at night. When the Schwarzbueb finds it, he doesn't know what to do with it for the time being, but it almost betrays the smugglers in their actions. Suddenly he hears the voice of his girl from his mobile phone. Both are desperate to meet - but how is that possible?  The question remains how time can be overcome ...


The music examples are currently only available in instrumental form. However, the vocal text can be followed by means of the simple lead sheets. 

Opening 1. scene

It's dark night. A mighty thunderstorm comes up and triggers the music at the same time by a flash of lightning. Witches and smugglers come out of their hiding places and are surrounded by dancing elves.

Opening - George Fleury

Smuggler song 1. scene

Smuggler and bailiff on confrontation ...  Rebellious and provocative, the smugglers and their leader serenade the Vogt: "Watch out, watch out! Don't get caught ..."

Vorsicht, Vorsicht! - A. Schwarz / G. Fleury

Love song 4. scene

Schwarzbueb and his Schwarzbueb girl sing their love song "Thank You For You" in a duet.

Thank You For You - A. Schwarz / G. Fleury